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Hill Electric Compressor

Hill EC-3000 Electric Air Compressor – EC-3000

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It’s finally here for the world to see, the pump you have all been waiting for, the Hill EC-3000 Electric Air Compressor. Made by Hill Pumps, here at our factory in Sheffield, England.

EC3000 Video

EC 3000Rev4.06 User Manual

Some Features of the EC-3000:

  • Patented Innovation.
  • CE Certified with Built In Safety.
  • Quietest Compressor on the market running at just 75db.
  • Fast fill – Pistols approx. 1min and Air Rifles approx. 3min from 0 to 250 bar.
  • Set pressure up to 300 bar, with auto shut off.
  • Fully automated and looks after itself.

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Product Description

Here at Hill we have been working hard to create the first Fully Automatic Filling Station for Air Guns and Paint Ball Guns.

Just set your required pressure (between 0 and 300bar) and press Start.
The unit looks after itself completely. It stops automatically at your desired pressure.

The unit is designed for filling PCP airguns, pistols and paintball guns directly and is best suited for this purpose.
It has many built in safety features as you would expect from Hill Pumps.

With an additional drying system, you can fill medium sized bottles up to 4 litres and it can be used for topping up larger tanks from 200 to 300bar.
Under No circumstances should the air be used for Breathing Air.

Max Pressure 300 bar ± 4500psi, Noise 75Db

Below are some approximate fill times and top up times.

Fill Times 0 to 200 bar

Average Pistol 1 min, Average Rifle 250cc 3 min, Large Rifle 500cc 6 min

Top Up Times 100 to 200 bar

Average Pistol 30 sec, Average Rifle 1 min 30sec, Small Bottle 500cc 3 min

The Hill compressor is Designed and Manufactured by Hill Pumps, and is made here in our own factory in Sheffield, England.

The EC3000 is covered by Patent and carries Design Right Protection around the world.
It is CE marked, certified and manufactured under BSI ISO 9001 standards.

Additional Information

Weight 27 Kg kg